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tv   CCTV News  PBS  February 26, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the new new new new. i do president assumes the month of the armed forces as part of the whites to vote on a national unity government when was the thousands of people of the central african republic are on the fence from part of the kids. while as deputy prime minister proposes that one thing
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the un to help find possible clients. when the country's political process. the double bay to the top placed on cctv you sign it when non han wei in beijing for cctv news and posts to the talks between the two lb and i say since been trusted by the chinese mainland and taiwan to handle cross strait affairs negotiators from the mainland. why didn't i pay for the two day session cheng du maine president of the mainland based association for relations across the taiwan straits and his counterparts and enjoy this and have them but struck an upbeat tone about the talks. quotes from a tan and donna. it's like you she and i attended the meeting be to general psychiatry she champions and the dedication that's bad that connie time on every channel and enchant janeiro separate species sound. the chinese in mainland and taiwan all one
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big family and only to find the full alex had his dreams together. this is a noble mission instead of andy and me standing which to bring the cost to its highest close to mimic our dreams come true to me all the new law the units in its use to it we have already held nine rounds of talks and signed nineteen agreements. if things goes mostly to moral will sign two more deals bring the total signed deals to twenty one. that will build twenty one expressways across recuperation create a win win situation and enable both sides to it one more piece to the folks on both sides recover such achievements. negotiators are expected to hold preliminary colts in the opt in the coyotes to be signed on thursday will focus on cooperation in weather forecasting and research as well as a quite moment praying during his stay chandler also in the toowong ut. taiwan's mainland affairs chief for the first time
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since they took their respective parts. the talks come as prostrate communication has been increasingly active recently last week ominous party of china central committee general secretary. she didn't think that the visiting pullman tongue on reach him and he and sharon and the week before the un's visit the top officials for cross strait affairs from but still hides that formally for the first time in more than six decades. john is whether all parties have issued the second highest alert for heavy small the ageing of its neighboring city of tianjin as well as have a province and lunch parts of central china. by continuing to choke in the small dance the current stable atmospheric conditions prevent the smoke from this posting up there was some good news. a cold front is expected to clear the sky tonight bringing some wins and the rain didn't attend suffice it to air pollution
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industrial clients have suspended all cut production construction has been halted and barbecues have been met one of the past forty eight thousand a jeans unlicensed out of hazardous air pollution has worsened. this morning the beijing air quality index puts the level of toxic particles in the am less than two point five microns wide. that's an honest pm two point five at five hundred nights per cubic nature. it's more than twenty times the world helpful but i say since safe limits. other cities in the area are also suffering from the soviets moment including the neighboring city of tianjin. from these small the streets of ageing however as a report from grace brown it's nothing one week since the housing slump began across an old essential china and they change that is showing no sign of clearing the welsh health organization is calling this a crisis. all paintings government is
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telling children and the city to stay inside. this park is known the fellows with granny's and grandpas out during tight she alone with children playing with as few as signs of normal life here today. i hear from them the yen. she is really high today. therefore fewer people to utah for my buddies healthy so i'm fine. my older friends who come here are struggling. anti china for a smelly that staying and sneezing and coughing out on to sell and entering a mosque honest enough to walk on to us have no choice but to come out and brain toxic ash. a cheque book it states reading that i can use to it is often like this. government funds to cause the sec's at position twenty five percent by twenty seventeen investing up to three hundred million he won all four to six billion us dollars to do such but many say that the measures taken on either
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un realistic or too weak the wind assistance high estimation not xmas. still yet to theres this but huff the number of private cars that's two pontoon fullest and many pm on the chimney growing sick and tired of wasting money this week one nine in height they promise became the faa's us in china to sue the government of failing to cut the affirmation. if the costs increasing pay his case it cuts us to present them anymore. place from cctv tape saying. there's a lot of people will be watching that application when the world health organization has held a health bill i long to have its china or office. an amazing concentrated only changing health landscape in china. jamestown caught up with the whl or regional director for the western pacific. dr shin young so and talked about air pollution and tobacco control in the country. the uk that
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condition. how cool it easy to use and mental health need a steam engine in the dark ages nation full of the all nations everywhere. i think endeavor but no was in beijing. our seats and suffering from heavy promotions. and i were so we know that. china common to smoke and baby now. two i meet while missing piece permissions. we know that divorce and taken long time to get there. we have to understand that. allco said the separation being cool is some kind of comforting stephen harris. but how about meal or so understand happen or that. in fact with lung cancer he said. not by mostly by on the city to fruition but he's also from smoking from this pulpit. days katie and cross but he is confused
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and walls of the biggest consumer of tobacco related costs but is not talking what could become as those at the national mall. too bad i was taking a puppet qc who is more about the potential for this opportunity. no i think this is her son opened for china. the head of the sky mall. i think they're personally. the stupidity me compared to other countries once it's been passed. i think the time now become one country really need to be infinity on the free local tv and all the state is that it was too bad it's in fact it is also the same state as saying the tibetan cause gp visits us that the government to dismantle this relationship. according to a lot of combinations. treat the same dad. interest in the street has the park over
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the so called nation is in contention. i think this is something we up to you and so on. each country has been on context. and of the dead and or the torso. you get circumstances too. i now try to ever get one now too small goals. but i think it is nice la. me and he has kept me up this tool can do achievement will progress over these small crystals side now to the ongoing political crisis in ukraine and the ukrainian presidential web site says the acting president all incentive to cheat off has assumed the duties of the head of the armed forces meanwhile the acting interior minister says he has suspended a police unit known as the go carts. anti government protest is have blamed it for violent attacks that killed scores of people last week. demonstrations by
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count like last year against the government would scrap the deal to forge closer ties with the european union and sent to moscow instead president viktor yanukovich with kiev out the signaling up the signing rather an agreement with part as leaders to end the three month conflict. more than eighty people were killed just last week. yanukovich whose whereabouts remain unknown baby was reportedly last seen in the crimea a prior russia area. thousands of pro russian protest is with st rally on tuesday in the crimea denouncing politicians in kiev who are trying to form a new government. so a lot of information there about so let's get clarification of what is happening were joined by our correspondent rory rotten but do with it is following the latest amendments there in the ukrainian capital welcome again not runny ukraine's parliament that has postponed the vote on a new national unity government one of the reasons for the delay. and even perhaps
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he was overly optimistic that the us speaker of the parliament s presidential duties announce that there would be a vote on tuesday the second we had ten days to do it. following last friday's deal of that may have been premature tuesday announcement now saying that would happen on thursday. now we understand that about seven pm local time in a little under eight hours time of the mite done the protesters behind me will announce that they want to see as candidates up for that new government so i'm making a statement here we go from here the commission go the freebie a former prime minister as saying that she thinks the third of the cabinet posts should be reserved for former four of my daughter protesters from people within the leadership ranks of the protest movement they of course are not a professional politicians but that would bring some fresh blood into the system about something that many people here want it to the other reason for the delay is they just don't know what kind of national unity government you should have is lots of demands from different places
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and this also comes if amid fears of a growing schism in the country but as the supporters of the ousted of president of the thirty on a covert in southern and eastern ukraine. i looked to moscow for guidance. trains interim president had recently said a vote on a new government would happen on tuesday. well it's understood she knows now says later this week. he then went on to warn of quote dangerous signs of separatism as cracks grew between ukrainian speakers in the west loyal to those now in charge and russian speakers in the east who back the deposed president of thursday's vote would still come ahead of deadline deal reached last friday when victory of colbert's was still president. youth parliament ten days to put together a more inclusive body. but there's a growing debate about who should be and it's been a genius he is coming is the cabinet of ministers and even the prime
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minister himself should not be reprehensible people people who have dark stained by open fields. they should show everyone how the myth and the techno press without political aspirations. if you didn't like being in the icky meanwhile to his top diplomat showed up in the capital kiev. catherine ashton embraced the duty free you get the machine co herself a former prime minister. aston promise for brussels to do all it could to help respect to see a new government soon. of course that needs to be chris isn't it nice how the expertise that will be so necessary. i mean somehow both lasting political solution the critical economic plan the american deputy secretary of state william burns also arrived in town and met with political and business leaders. looking east. russia has warned the west against aggressively courting ukraine for its own
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interests. the guru of the week and so now on to lonnie decision of going to feelings and international ukrainian it is respected and everybody would follow are seen in our teeth. his contact was the frantically call for c's and ukraine to include a visit to arm the situation down. having to try it again he needed after opportunistic songs. and of course putting together a government that includes everyone is no easy challenge especially when the country of this divided but any further delays in that vote could unsettle those who are watching boats in the east and west of ukraine and of course to the east and west of the country. we wallow in the western diplomats are mine on the ground there in kiev we still haven't heard from the ousted president viktor yanukovych in july we did have to report a few hours ago the showing of the inside of his mansion what can we expect in the coming twenty four hours
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the beer that manson was abandoned by him when he went into eastern ukraine south eastern ukraine but we can expect the quote hunts for them to continue he is a wanted man here the parliament has voted rather all ugly of the two of us see his trial at the icc international criminal court suggesting that to ukraine's judicial system is not capable of handling that trial very very interesting law that was passed here for the interior minister putting out a warrant for the rest of the rest of others but who were and the interior ministry for quote of mass murder charges for the events of. the excuse me of last week we can expect that to diplomacy to continue on the ground we know that william burns the deputy secretary of state from the united states will meet with the roberts area via the un on with funky ones on the boys are really in the middle east but here's course on special assignment and we also know that there'll be a representative from the osce who are writing here who have arrived here to begin monitoring the events
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here and also making us wait for smooth transition for those thirty presidential elections that are still to happen on the twenty fifth so very busy but if you're coming hours and of course very busy and coming days ahead of us were like rory and i will have you covering enforcement effects and pedro in a burka been in kiev was still with the story and the us and britain are rejecting suggestions that the removal of ukraine's pro russian president is the symbol of a cold war iraq east west divide us secretary of state don't carry and british foreign secretary william hague the but disputed the idea that the situation in ukraine is a zero sum game one in which one sphere of influence wins at the expense of the other. the two made the comments on the colts in washington dc. this is not the zero sum game. it is not the u west vs eased it should not be. it is not. raw show
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or the united states or other choices. this is about the people of ukraine and ukrainians making their choice about their future and we want to work with the russian with other countries with everybody available. to make sure this is peaceful. from this day forward because obviously the terrible violence that took place in the mind on the it was a shock to everybody in the world. bully for you. to be able to look closely with european nations in the european union economic cooperation but also of coals to be able to cooperate with russia on many issues and so said to karen on both been talking to farmers to laugh all the snakes that is. and we will come tonight comes out with russia. as well as working with the ukrainians on this. i told the transition said the area
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called it earlier but is now taking place. russia has said that the key issue in ukraine is who will run the new government and its future plan. russian foreign minister sergei enough roff said this following talks with his luxembourg counterpart joan possible one on tuesday mostly i'm concerned we'd always go into a new new queen and a woman in the future and swastika men's pennants in which a skin state by state coalition since the beginning both complete occasions to ensure conditioned to think on the back on track. ricky's call to me and widens are still want to and achieve national reconciliation russia will restore financial aid to care about them off the disease the program of the new ukrainian government. he also said scheduling presidential elections fillet twenty fifth contradicted the agreement signed by the ukrainian government and opposition last friday which envisioned
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selections of the constitutional reform the only constitutional reform which involves all the puppies and people from different regions and you cry and what help to restore political stability in the country. un refugee agency says of the fifteen thousand people in the central african republic now being threatened by on the mission groups was to muslims living in makeshift camps. the re fiji has a built in around eighteen locations in the northwest and southwest of the dynamo country and place a higher risk of attack. france's parliament voted on tuesday in favor of extending its military mission in the nation for months up with george the former french colony has been formed by intercom little bottoms with thousands of people killed crisis is driven around one million people. it's about a quarter of the country's population from the heart of its many of them afraid to neighboring countries
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the world food program warned on tuesday that the exodus could spot the regional crisis as country struggled to accommodate the refugees more about price's decision to extend its military operations in the central african republic guys but only up to now correspondent pick pockets and bowed out and she told us how officials are reacting to the news and the role of the french but replays that. the release of the anc's the scene with god in every action i had to front extending its mission sucky than this and skated least i hope either the french ahead they know that that what they say that the tides of being danger the frenchman she was knocked out. i'll do the answer to that honesty can see not so happy that the french were handed a sycophantic taking their weapons away the one that weapons. went to fight with the ms lynch said two very different ways of looking at it that i had to stay on in the movie in the capital of central africa map of
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the money i we did play an increasing stress on the missing some decorations lol but the french is playing. i was so that what i'm hearing him pages on a saturday what you think house letting the country he seems to burst on to pass on experience is when defenseman achievement causing songs extending its mentioned to me that it didn't lead to many days sadly the answer in prison cap and some that are in such a high it's what she wanted she wants french troops remain in the country. intel atom actions but to teach the house. the next game she says that the defense present a prisoner's head is essential for maintaining security. parkinson there and that now we're into thailand and b can take a deputy prime minister and foreign minister sir opponent of a tight charcoal has proposed inviting united nations to help the country was sold its current political crisis so
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called cope with the un secretary general ban ki moon on wednesday morning to discuss possible ways out of the crisis he said the un might be the most visible body to media a peaceful talks between the opposing sides. here's the thai people to be open minded and not to think of it as foreign intervention. on wednesday anti government protest is from various rallies scientists gathered outside the national police headquarters in bangkok. they demanding justice for five people including four children who were killed and two separate attacks over the weekend. at least twenty people have been killed since protests to overthrow the government of being auctioned a lot began in november last year. us president barack obama has been on the campaign to raise the federal minimum wage from seven dollars twenty five cents to ten dollars ten cents an hour. the gap supports an increase in wages
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while warm up america's largest private sector employer hasn't yet played in all the confidence to issue a region that has more on the considerations which i did some biking when deciding whether or not to raise the minimum wage. the gap which also owns old navy and banana republican surprise the retail industry in being the first to announce it supports higher wages for its workers. this year it to minimum wage is rising to nine dollars an hour. next year you'll go to ten the company says that means a pay rise for sixty five thousand of its u s workers according to retail consultant for clicking sure he gets to do is about retaining loyalty. with oil workers side you have better productivity and higher sales per person our awesome gap will actually make more money because gap will sell more sick injured says the gap will also save on costs and
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seaview high employee turnover. something many retailers have to deal with cost like training new staff and losses from shoplifting ah because of a low paid worker knows that here she's leaving on that person may be more inclined to take something out with him or her trauma on their way out the door raising the minimum wage also means higher payroll costs for retailers and back could lead to layoffs. the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates that increase could kill as many as half a million jobs. but it also predicts sixteen and a half million low wage workers would get erased. and that could help walmart which has one point three million workers in the us the nation's largest private sector employer support of the last increase in the minimum wage to seven years ago. that's because most of its customers are low wage earners long i decided then that of lower income workers need more money you are likely to spend more at walmart. but economist bob brett scott says there's no
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way to predict exactly how consumers will the heat in this economy if they have the money in their pockets the consequences. the folly of this plan is to think that the president elect and everything will stay the same attack people will be paid more money that's what will happen. this time walmart is a lot less vocal about it stands on raising the federal minimum wage. it said only that it is reviewing the issue. no doubt it's number crunches are working furiously to calculate the potential costs and benefits to its bottom line before speaking and bring your cctv york. when humans were forced to bring store closes up a chelsea ctv news service now for the weather and they come along. swing the next hour hike to nairobi. the day. i did
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without thinking the eye. poe
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i do. the us. it's nice to be counted for a new way of teaching to which he did. it took an age. it truly is like stepping onto issuing checks paul mary and their intimate too many films and tv series the art of architecture costly and sentenced to live the dream to build a ten day trip had incredible views of
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the way. i don't sit in nineteen eighty four winds what mary and became customary for nhs in. still working on that they would use my empty shell. to find the beach to go the way to the beach became its th a tourist attraction we tasted the building being used as clubs can see it's choking to increase its ok still snow even cooler was one of the brick buildings experience in chinese. it's just didn't want to remain unnamed. when it's ninety s religions teach him how to get a model for these cupcake needless to say to his creation. sadly it seems the street and design star incomplete. the kitchen tap she's coming down to the once and for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales
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the eye. he knew knew who knew . well we welcome across about all things considered i'm peter labelle going to extremes all across europe right wing anti eu parties and groups are gaining strength and in some cases respectability. what accounts for these hard economic times or the growing alienation and frustration with the euro project could be said the new rite is really the whole ride but


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